Looking For Pattern.

Q: I'm looking for a pattern for a beaded headpiece, the kind that drapes over your head to about eyebrow level in front and has a long fringe in back. I don't know what these are really called; I call them "Cleopatra hairnets". Most of the ones I've seen are made of seed beads and bugle beads, though some are made of larger beads.

A: For all who may be interested, 'Anne Benson' has a book out called "Beadwork Basics" Unfortunately I do not own the book but took if out of the library. There was a headpiece of the nature you are looking. I have found the book on the web at: http://www.landofodds.com/shop/books2bg.htm 'Land of Odds' and also at amazon.com w/ a book search of "beadwork" 'Land of Odds' actually has a picture of the cover that shows it. You might try doing a search of renaissance costuming sites.... I've seen things like you've described at faires, but made of metal links... I saw a picture of this type of headdress in the latest Fire Mountain Gems catalogue. You might contact them and find out about it from them. It's on page 178 of the catalogue. The artist is Vanya Norman of Many Acre Productions in St. Johnsbury VT. It is made from 11/0 seed beads and bugle beads. Quite lovely. Fire Mountain's customer service number is (800)423-2319. They are there from 6am to 6pm Pacific Coast Time (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri). Hours differ on Wed and Sat.