Memory Wire.

Q: I made my first projects using memory wire and clearly need some advice before attempting another. First, is there a way to finish the piece by turning the wire into a loop that doesn't require the strength of Hercules? Second, I tried to finish another piece by cementing a stone on the end but unfortunately it popped off. It may have simply dried in too cold an area of the room, but I'd love to hear from others who have had success with this method.

A: I certainly don't have the strength of Hercules, but I have made many memory wire projects. I find that the best ways to finish the end are 1) take needle-nosed pliers and roll on a loop. This works best if there's plenty of "overlap". Just get as close as possible to the end of the wire and roll it HARD around the pliers. 2) You can also use the same technique to attach the two ends of a clasp. This works best where 1) there is NOT much "overlap" 2) the necklace components are rather heavy. The bending loop trick works if you use a long length of wire, and create an entire full circle, then trim. Rather than bend a short bit to a circle, which is hard (as you found). You'll have better luck with glue if you use sandpaper to create a rough surface on the wire first. The glue adheres better this way. Use 'E6000', or good old super glue, and make sure the bead you place on the end doesnt have too large of a hole. I don't use much memory wire because I don't like it, but when I have, I closed the end not in a loop, but with separated pliars and a triangle. Two flat turns, push closed, and I hang things from the triangle with head pins. Don't use your good tools on memory wire, it'll scratch or dull them. I use my household pliers and just turn the ends straight back (which actually ends up in kind of a tear-shaped loop) and then dangle something from it.