New Beader.

Q: I am a self taught beader, who has been active about 6 months. I have recently tried loom beading. I am having trouble getting my projects off the loom. What is the best method for removing projects from the loom?

A: I just make sure the threads are a lot longer than the work, and cut them when I'm done leaving long ends to thread back into the work. Are you perhaps stringing your loom by going around the pins or slits which are there to separate out the strands? That would make it very hard to remove. You should be stringing from the pin or roll bar at one end to the one at the other, only using the pins or slits as separators. Perhaps you are already doing that. If so, I'm sorry for misunderstanding. I was taught to remove only a couple of strands at a time, tie a small knot until totally off, and then either thread the loose ends back though the work, or attach leather. If it's a choker... just allow lots of room and to not extend all the way to the spring, or whatever you are using as a separator.