NYC bead store advice needed

Q: Hi, I'm going to NYC this weekend and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good bead stores. I have the Bead Shops FAQ for NYC stores, but perhaps someone could recommend some of their favorites? I am particularly interested in good quality Japanese seed beads, and am always on the look out for interesting glass "non-seed" beads.

A: I'm planning on checking out 37th and 38th streets, but I also plan to be in Grenwich Village. Are there any bead stores there that I should look for? West 37th St. is a must! It's loaded with all sorts of interesting bead stores (some of them do require a wholesale ID). Two of my favorite are Ellis Import, at 44 W.37th. and York Novelty, at 10 W. 37th. Ellis has tons of unusual beads at very good prices. York's prices are a little higher but they still have lots of nice stuff. York has some seed beads but they're not Japanese. For Japanese beads go to Toho Shojo at 990 6th Ave. (just around the corner from 37th St.) The beads here are more expensive but they also have some things I've never seen anywhere else so the price is worth it. (They have a porcelain decal bead that is gorgeous, even at 70 cents each :) They have just started carrying seed beads and offer them at a reasonable price. Unfortunately I found their color selection lacking but I did manage to pick up a bead or two.