Opinions Please? 'Penguin Trax' Designs.

Q: I've scanned 3 recent projects, and uploaded them to a (quickly built) webpage. I'd appreciate some feedback from the beading community at large. My 'DH' is a little biased

A: One could hardly tell that your page was just quickly built - everything looks great!! The "Tiger's Eye" piece is really special - and invokes a bit of an Egyptian aura for me. Commentary re: descriptions - put in "what" the piece is, and what size. You could also put in a reference (like a coin) so people could get an idea as to the size. For example, the top one looks like a pin to me, but it could also be a pendant with hidden bail, a button, the front view of a fancy ring, a bolo slide, or the start of a larger piece; and it could be just about any size too. Is your 'DH' biased "good" or "bad"? Mine doesn't think my beadwork is much more than a waste of time, and storage space... I love the "Tigers Eye". Is it a Pin? The geometric design is very good too. I think that the wirework and the lampwork beads suit each other very well. Also, while I am complimenting you, I like your "penguin tracks" name. How did you come up with it? Yes, the "Tigers Eye" is a pin. As an earlier poster suggested, I need to put up some dimensions. "PenguinTrax" came from two things...one, I collect penguins and second, I used to travel ALOT for work, making tracks as it were. The two just came together one day and is now famous...or is that infamous??