Oxygen Consumption? Lampwork.

Q: I seem to be going through oxygen like it was water ;0 ... is it normal to run through oxygen very fast? I don't have any real measurement of how many hours I've used it, but it SEEMS that I am using up very quickly. I have a 90 (cubic foot?) tank and have only used it for a few hours (max 4) .... am I doing something wrong?

A: Yeah, oxygen does go pretty quick. My small propane tank outlasts my full-size oxy tank about 8:1. How high do you have the regulator set? It should be set at approx. 10 lbs. for oxygen. If your flame is very noisy, it is probably set too high. Good Luck. Also, you may want to post this question to the discussion list of the 'Society of Glass' beadmakers at www.sgb.org/cgi-sgb/config.pl It depends on what type torch you are using - and how you have it set... but basically, 90 cu ft of gas would last me a weekend - MAYBE... I have TWO 220 cu ft tanks delivered monthly. Please visit my website, 'DRAGON BEADS' at: http://www.dragonbeads.com/