'PC' Stitch?

Q: Anyone have any experiences they want to share regarding 'PC' stitching for creating beading patterns for the loom. I bought it today, and have heard some negative comments, and am not sure whether I should return it or not.

A: Cross stitch is done in squares and some people have good results in patterns for looming. However, if design is to be detailed (like faces or realist) beads are rectangles and the pattern will be not be in proportion (or they will be distorted). It all depends on beads and thread used for warps. When I loom with 'Delica' beads, there are approximately 17.5 bead per inch across and 15 to 15.5 bead down per inch. Varied with your personal weft tension and types of beads used. 'Galvanized' are larger than 'Mattes' due to process in making. 'Galvanized' add to orginal bead and 'Mattes' take away. Unless this program has a module for beads, I would suggest returning the program; but not for any problems with the program because I've never used it. Check out the list of available bead programs on the link below. Some are free. Go to the bottom of page for list. http://members.aol.com/SuHughes48/PDFinfo.html Those types of things are usually quite stylized - if you were doing something of the complexity of Valerie Hixson's animals or Ann Paxton's portraits, you would see the difference, but for anything less precise, cross stitch patterns work fine - especially with Japanese beads.