Rubber Cord.

Q: I have been searching for rubber cord ('neoprene') with about 1/16" diameter. I have checked 'Rings 'N' Things', and 'Rio Grande' with no luck. Does anyone know where I can get this?

A: Well, I'm not sure about the dimensions, but there's a product for children (we're all children at heart, right?), call 'S'getti'. It's stretchy "cord" that's like rubber. I'm guessing that it's 1/16", but it might be thinner. You may be looking for 'BUNAN' cord. It's used for O-ring gaskets in bus motors, but recently for handbag straps, necklaces, etc. You can get it at 'NAPA' Auto Parts stores, but it's VERY expensive. Do a web search for 'Bunan' for best results. Also, check 'Dejanews'; I remember a source being discussed several months ago.