Silk Thread.

Q: I have seen 'Gudebrod' thread referred to as a fiber for beaded knitting. Does anyone know what size of thread would be used, and where the thread can be purchased?

A: 'Fire Mountain Gems': (800)423-2319 carries the 'Gudebrod' silk. I have used size E and F for doing beaded knitting, they both work well! I have also used the 'Kanagawa' silk. It comes on a 20 meter card and is enough to do one small pendant bag. If you prefer online shopping, you can purchase both the 'Gudebrod' and the 'Kanagawa' online at Size "E" is the size you would usually use for restringing pearls. I carry this and other sizes of 'Gudebrod' silk, and can also give you instructions for making a self-needle out of the thread, negating the need for using needles. I have found that the silk thread 'E' is used a lot in crocheted beaded purses, as well as for knitting. 'Fire Mountain Gems' stocks every color, and a lot of different sizes. Not just 'E'.