Suggestions, Please.

Q: Does anyone have any ideas about how I can go about finding capable helpers? I live in New York City (Manhattan), which seems to me to be a difficult location for finding the kind of help I need (too big, too diverse).

A: First of all, you need a link to your site that works: I saw three two-needle weaving, or netting type necklaces as samples. You could train someone from a small town where someone might need "homework" while taking care of family or an invalid, or among the immigrant community of NYC (you would not need any English skills to do this type of work) to string these, if your orders exceed your ability to string these. You can also have them made in India very inexpensively. There is a tradition of stringing beautiful necklaces there, and you could just show a picture and they could reproduce it. Ask for contacts from Indian businessmen in NYC, shopkeepers, or restauranteurs would have connections to India, or at least names of contacts. Actually, I realized that I should have been a little more precise in just what I am looking for. I would prefer quality to quantity, and I would prefer being close to the production since I am rather obsessed with the quality of the items I make. I'm thinking of probably two workers to start, and then see where things could go, certainly not in the thousands of pieces. I would think if you checked in the jewelry district in NYC and did a posting, that you could come up with some very capable workers to do "piece work". Find out if there are any trade magazines around that allow for small classifieds. I live in Providence, RI (considered the jewelry capital of the world) and many, many women do "homework". The other possibility is to take out a small ad in an art school newspaper. I am sorry to not be familiar anymore, as to what is available in the Manhattan area. The thing that has to be considered is, what is your production? I would find a few good jewelry workers and pay them more for the quality, unless you are needing a gross every week of one particular piece. If you are going to be producing pieces in large quantities, then you may want to consider finding a "house" that will do the production and quality control for you. The answer is literally outside your front door. Go to the bead shops and either: 1) Ask if they know of anyone, OR 2) Whether they will let you put up a index card requesting: "Help Wanted". That should fill the positions quickly, and you would be able to meet prospective workers for coffee and look at their work to see if it meets your standards.