Tiger-Eye Beads.

Q: Please let me know where I can find small round beads I call "Tiger Eye". They are made of glass, and come in different colors. I have tried 'Fire Mountain', 'Caravan Beads', 'General Beads', and 'Beyond Beadery', among others... without success.

A: Could you describe them? 'Tiger's Eye' is a type of stone, so if you are talking about glass instead, you'll need to be a bit more specific. These are fiber-optic beads. 'FMG' definitely has them, and I suspect the others will, too, if you use the proper term. If 'FMG' doesn't have them, 'South Pacific Wholesale' does. I have ordered from them several times, and been very pleased. Yep, I'd agree with "M" that they do sound like fiber-optic beads. If they aren't, can you tell us how they look different than fiber-optics? They look like the natural 'Tiger Eye' beads, but they are not. I have seen them in all colors. I bought some in blue. They are beautiful, and I have received several orders for necklaces. I have searched the 'FMG' catalog twice with no luck. I know they are not plastic. They seem to be glass. Fibre optic? Who knows. I know that the 'Fiber-Optic' (or "cat's eye") beads are not in 'Fire Mountain Gems'' newest main catalogue (the huge one that's 200 or 300 pages). However, they were in a smaller "update" catalogue (about 30 pages maybe) that they mailed out a month or two ago. They have about a dozen or so different colors, and several different shapes (rounds, ovals, stars, hearts, etc.). If you call, they could probably help you pick out what you need over the phone, or maybe they could send the catalogue that has pictures of these beads in it.