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Type Of Bead?

Q: Can anyone tell me what type of beads these are? They are tubes which are faceted, about 1 3/16 inches long. The color is hard to see, but they are sort of a milky yellow, opaque. I'm calling them "yellow glass tubes", but I wonder if anyone can tell me more. When I bought them, I was told they were "Czech." An hour searching online, and I can't even FIND beads like these!

A: Satin Glass Bugles? Czech probably. I had a couple of pieces of vintage lampshade fringe that had rose pink ones, very similar. I'm not really a vintage expert, so someone else may be able to be more specific. From the rounded edges on the ends of the tubes, they look like they may be thicker glass than the ones in my fringe...they're very nice... I agree. I think they are new Czech glass satin 'Bugle' beads. I don't know where they are being sold, because I haven't looked for them, but I know they are being produced now. I have absolutly NO idea what those beads are, but I have been really ill for the past few days, and needed a giggle, and your quote from "Groucho" did the trick!!! Try searching for 'Bugle' beads. These seem like they might be 30mm 'Bugles' in the finish called "satin". This finish is usually called "satin" - I have some in red, and some in this same yellow, but mine are much shorter and thicker - about 15mmx8.