Unusal Request.

Q: We are interested in finding some type of miniature novelty (dice, flowers, leaves, Holiday themes, etc., etc.) that would fit in a three foot plastic tube that has a 3/4 inch hollow inside diameter.

A: Here's the address to 'AOL's' scale miniatures board; I think they may find lots of choices for you; this sounds interesting! aol://5863:126/mB:194432 There is a mail order company called 'The Oriental Trading Co.' that sells small toys and party favors in large quantities. They are very inexpensive. I once had the URL to a great company that sold something like a "Bucket of Stuff". It was things that resembled the old 'Cracker Jacks' "surprises". I cannot remember the name of the company though. Any one have a memory jog over this? It was one of the joke gift type companies, or a weird science type thing. 'Archie McPhee'. Let me see if they have a website... yep, here it is: http://www.mcphee.com/