Using Uphostelry Thread.

Q: I've been having a heck of a time finding good beading thread (I live in god's country) and am wondering if using uphostelry thread would be a good replacement for 'Nymo', or other type nylon threads. Has anyone used it, and does it work with the thin beading needles (I hate those, too - they don't take monofiliment!)?

A: I have used upholstry thread, and also the tread they sell at the hardware store for tying fishing flys with great sucess. There's only two things I don't let people get out of my store without buying, and that's the "Big-Eye" needle (whole needle spreads apart to reveal an eye the length of the needle) and 'Kevlar' thread which you couldn't break stretching between your two hands, but you might draw blood if wrapped around your fingers and pulling. I'd be calling the police, then. :) I don't like the "Big Eye" needles (much prefer English beading needles), and 'Kevlar' is not satisfactory for things you want to last. It will cut itself, and it will sometimes cut beads & findings. Yes, I agree on 'Kevlar' NOT being good for things you want to last. I've heard many horror stories about it on the this newsgroup, and I have my own. I made an amulet bag about a year ago using 'Kevlar', and the strap broke the FIRST time I wore it, and no, the bag was not poorly made. So I'd stay away from 'Kevlar' for beading - it's great for tying flies though! My husband loves it.