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"Volleyball" Beads.

Q: Does anyone know where I can find volleyball shaped, and designed beads? A friend of mine found some at a craft store, but they were clearanced, and they didn't know where they came from.

A: 'Enterprise Art' sells what they call "sportz beads". They come in football, basketball, baseball, & soccer shaped beads. You can find them on the net at (and request a catalog). I saw some ceramic (and metal), volleyball (and soccor, football, tennis, basketball, & baseball) beads in 'HHH Enterprises' Wholesale catalog. They have a FIRST order minimum of $35.00. After that, there is no minimum order. You can find them at, or you can E-mail them at I found their site on the web somewhere, and ordered their free catalog by E-mailing them, even thought I'm not wholesale, cuz my friends and I like to put together a big order sometimes.