What Do I Do Now?

Q: Well, it seems like everybody isn't doing quite as well this year as last. My sales have only been about 70% of last year's. I have talked to a few others and sales are lower for them too. I don't know how much of it is additional competition with all the new shops popping up.

A: This sounds like a direction that could lead to success. Rather than selling at "craft" events (where the quality varies greatly), try to sell to high quality retail outlets. Another possibility, if the store is small and not sure they'll sell, is to place them on consignment. You could then continue this way or agree that the store will place an order if the consignment items sell. Don't give up yet! You've invested too much into it already. Try arranging Jewellery parties in your area and possibly marketing to local small jewellery boutiques or even clothes stores and designers. I have the same problems personally and have been holding out for the past 12 years! The shows can be great - just choose them in your area. I would love to continue discussing this with you in more depth. Maybe we could come up with some ideas between us.