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What Happened To Bead Fairies?

Q: Does anyone know what happend to the 'Bead Fairies' site, and if it is gone forever, would people be interested in helping me compile info for an equally nice page?

A: Hmmm, it was there last week when I sent some bead sources out. Beadnet, which is in the same network still shows up, so I don't think it's the server. Here's 'Beadnet's' address: Here's part of 'Susan Cooper's' site which has tons of links: If you get a new site organized, I'm sure we will send you loads of links to add to it. I removed the 'Bead Fairies' pages from my server, at least temporarily. Why? It is along story. Those of you who are interested, please read on. I'd like to vent a bit anyway... I can no longer keep up with maintaining the Bead Fairies page. I get an average of 2 E-mails a day requesting updates (address, phone number, new shop, new hours, new owner, new color of underwear, you name it..). At first, it may seem easy enough to just edit a couple of HTML files and "boom, done", but it ain't that simple. Not hard, but very time consuming. Those of you who maintain their own websites know what I'm talking about... I work full time (not bead or jewelry related) and have two small kids (one is 2 and the other 9 months) and a husband who travels. By the time the kids are asleep, I'm basically dead. I created the 'BeadNet' page as my pet project. This was back in 1995, when I had no kids, and was able not only to play on the web, as well as actually BEAD (now I can't even bead since my daughter may try to eat the beads...). The 'Bead Fairies' page was first created by 'Artemis OakGrove', who eventually got tired of it, and kindly asked me to take ownership and continue to maintain it. I can really relate to your situation. With 2 adopted children, now 4 and 6 and a husband who works nights, weekends and travels sometimes...I am trying to help with our retail store and make and sell lampwork beads and jewelry. It is such a balancing act, trying to fit everything and everybody in and try to squeeze in that lampworking time. It does get easier as they get older...when the youngest gets to first grade, I'll be sad in one way and ecstatic in another.