Q: Well, here I go again, advertising my ignorance! what kinds of closures do you use on amulets? An envelope flap? A drawstring inner lining? If you get one made, how do you finish it off? duhh!!

A: I generally use an envelope flap, but I know a woman who makes draw string closures with silk cord that are just beautiful. She starts out the bag in tubular brick and then switches to tubular right-angle weave for the top. If you're talking peyote stitched amulet pouches, I defer to those experts. If you're talking about knitted beaded amulet pouches (your mention of a drawstring gave me this opinion), check out my website at: I appreciate, and visited the site you noted and enjoyed the lovely work there. I wish I'd thought of that! Since I am really new, I just got some seed beads at 'Wal-Mart' and 'Hobby Lobby' to learn on. I 'm pretty sure that what I'm doing is a peyote stitch. I will add it to my hobby page so you can see what I'm talking about. Address is below. I think I will line it with silk, or a fine smooth satin, and use a ribbon to back the strap which I am experimenting with. I don't know what kind of stitch it is, I'm just doing what comes to mind. Used iridescent #10 glass seed beads and the colors are quite flamboyant when the light strikes them!