Anyone Familiar With "Hobby Lobby"?

Q: We have a new one being built here in Cincinnati. I was wondering what kind of beads and beading materials they might have. Is anyone familiar with this place?

A: I am searching for "bamboo" beads. They are tubes about the size of 'Bugle' beads, and have joints at the ends and middle sometimes. I only found them in Vancouver B.C., but I want more, and did not realize they were rare. I lied (well, a little)! They have some "exotic wood tube beads" on pg. 122 of the Year 2000-2001 catalog, but they are bigger than the ones I have (bigger than most 'Bugle' beads) at 10x4 mm. The little ones I have look a lot like these, though. The one I've seen (in Texas) dabbles in more than I thought for a regular craft place, though. Semi precious small chips, cat's eyes, crystal/pewter charms, as well as the colored nymo, and regular findings, generic colored wire....beads were mostly 'Blue Moon' (Czech) as far as seed, bugle, and shaped stars, leafs, etc. They even had a few of the better beading books. Thanks everyone, for your input. I will soon find out (next Monday) what this place is like. As it stands, all I've got to work with (other than mail order) is 'Michaels', and 'Joanne Fabrics'. There's not much to choose from, so anything else is a blessing! We had a few in Texas... I considered them to be the "Lesser Michaels". I doubt they would carry anything as exotic as bamboo beads, but you might ask if they can order them. You never know. :) Also, 'Shipwreck' carries the widest assortment of beads. If I'm not mistaken, they have an online order form. They are sure to have the bamboo, as I just bought some last month.