Any Patterns For Roses Or Butterflies? Looking For Classes In Chicago Area.

Q: I am new to beading, and am looking for easy-bead rose and butterfly patterns. I also live in the Chicago area. Anyone know of any beading groups or classes that are starting, or looking for members?

A: I have a free pattern of a rosebud on my webpage, if you are interested. Classes. They are really into their stuff. I would call them & ask them for help if they don't have a class right now, they are a great resource of information. This weekend, they are having a 10-40% off merchandise, a grand re-opening sale. I can't say enough good things about this store. I hope they can help you out!! Oh, by the way, their # is 773-248-9555. They just put their own book out, I only had a quick browse. They looked like some pretty amazing projects. I just recently started beading, & through as a browser, I typed in bead&button+mag, they have a web site that led to all kinds of crazy links with books. Another seemingly endless resource. Store & they also offer classes I don't know that they are offering any on rose or butterfly you'd have to call & ask they are very serious about beading though & if they didt' offer something right now, I'm sure they would be able to point you in the right direction. They have great books & they also carry all back issues of 'Bead & Button' magazine, they also have there own web site & you can browse w/search topics to locate issues that contain the topics of your choice. They also have amazing links from there & so on & so on.....I'll enclose the following info 'Caravan' beads ave. 773-248-9555 This weekend through tomorrow, they are having a 10-40% sale on merchandise. I hope this info was helpful & not more "cyberbabble" you already know about! Happy beading! 'The Beadplan Map Into Beads' page has two good butterfly patterns to print. I also have a simple rose pattern on the 'Sample Patterns' page, but it's designed to repeat on a bracelet, so it may be less than you want. There are other nice flower patterns there, though.