Artistic Wire.

Q: I am looking for a mail-order source for what is called "Artistic Wire", which is used with the various wire jigs ('Wire Wizard', 'Wig Jig', etc) to make bent, and wrapped beads, as well as jewelry elements. 'Soft Flex' is the only place I've found it, but they have a $50 minimum order, and I'd like to order only 3 or 4 spools, which usually costs under $4 each. Does anyone know of a company on the web other than 'Soft Flex' that sells this wire? It's ususally 18 to 22 gauge, fairly soft, and comes in a full range of colors.

A: As one of the original distributors for the 'Artistic Wire', we introduced this product at the 'DC Bead Bazaar' approximately 2 1/2 years ago. At that time, only limited colors and sizes were available, and most were (and continue to be) marketed under the 'RockHaus Non-Tarnish' label. 'RockHaus' is, and continues to be, a wholesale only company who repackages 'Artistic' and one other manufacturer's wires. ONLY 'RockHaus', 'Artistic Wire', and the name we have been using for several years - 'ArtWire' are of the same high quality. The wire is actaully packaged by 'WT', but the approximate yardages & suggested retail US$ Postage & Handling additional: (prices are subject to change, but do reflect the price increase instituted by the manufacturer in August '98). 16 ga 10 yds @ $ 3.25 (NEW COLOR/shipping to distributors this month) 18 ga 15 yds @ $ 3.25 20 ga 15 yfs @ $ 3.50 22 ga 20 yds @ $ 3.75 24 ga 20 yds @ $ 4.00 26 ga 30 yds @ $ 4.25 (Silver Colors $ 8.00 per spool) 28 ga 40 yds @ $ 4.50 30 ga 80 yds @ $ 9.50 32 ga 100yds @ $10.50 34 ga 100yds @ $11.50 36 ga 120yds @ $13.50 Yardage and weight is approximate, but the low estimate is 1/8 pound and yardages as shown +/- 10%.