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Q: Does anyone know where I can purchase a book titled: "Bead, Accessories and Bags"? The publisher is 'NHK'. The book is in Japanese, but it has great illustrations and photos. A friend has borrowed this book, but needs to return it, and wants her own copy.

A: Two places to try: 'General Bead', in National City, does carry some Japanese books. You could call them to see if they have that one. #2: 'Asahiya Bookstore' - it's in the 'Mitsuya' store, between 'Staples' and 'Computer City', in the shopping center on Mercury St, near Balboa Ave. Make photo-copies of the front & back covers - they usually have a few bead books in stock, but they will also order any that are "in print". 'NHK' is a pretty big publisher - actually, it's the Japanese equivalent of 'PBS', and the books/mags go with their shows - so the chances are good that you can get a copy, somehow. If their main store in L.A. has copies, you'll get it even sooner than if they have to order from Japan. Oh, yes, the clerks are somewhat used to having "hakujin", asking for Japanese books they can't read... Well, as they say in Japanese: "Don't touch my moustasch" ("doo itashimashite")! I notice that the manager doesn't come out much anymore when I'm there, but lets one of "the girls" take care of the crazy person who wants books she can't read.....