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Bead Crochet Questions.

Q: I have pre-strung size 6 'eBeads', leaving the thread attached to the spool (this is how we were taught in class). What type of container, or spool or whatever, do you bead crocheters out there use to make this project more portable? For my first project I have strung enough beads to create about a 20" chain, but if I get more ambitious and want a really long rope, how do I manage all those pre-strung beads????

A: I use a small 'Ziplock' baggie to hold the spool or ball of thread with the beads. You can zip up the bag, with space for the thread to come out. This saves it rolling all over the floor, but there is a lot of moving the beads down and along the thread, there's no way around it. To keep the beads from getting tangled, you need to roll them up on the ball or spool of thread. Unroll a lot of thread, push all but a few of the beads up to the spool, and re-roll. You need to repeat this every so often as you work, and you will get a feel for how many beads, and how much thread to leave out of the roll. Also, alligator clips (get them at 'Radio Shack') are useful for securing the rolled-up thread to the spool, and keeping the majority of the beads away from your hands. I find it helps to put the spool in my lap if I'm sitting on the couch, or on some sort of stand. I use part of my "3rd hand" for the stand but you could rig something with a wooden base, or a dowel (or pencil) in a vise. I hope this helps. Write me back if you have more questions, and keep at it - it really does get easier with practice. For fun, try a variety of bead sizes, and after you've crocheted awhile with thread, try wire - you can get really neat results! OK.... now I have some more questions!!!! I've been working on this thing for about 10 hrs. and have about 4" done... that's because I've undone portions of it about 15 times...LOL! The design is spiralling nicely... I'm using a four bead (4 diff. colors) size 5 bead spiral, but it's kinda lumpy looking in spots... not nice and smooth. Some beads stick out too far or don't turn in the right direction I suspect part of the problem might be inconsisitent tension while I am working. I tend to crochet very loosely, even with yarn, but when I tighten the tension I have a hard time pulling the hook through the loops. At what point, do you all adjust tension? Is there any way to even it out once it is already crocheted? This first project is just for practice, so I am not really aiming for perfection right off the bat, but at some point I'd like this rope to look a little smoother.