'Bead Fairies'.

Q: I need some advice if possible. I am working on three new areas for the 'Bead Fairies' site. One for pattern sites, one for instruction, and another for online store sites. The dilemma is this: should I ask before I link? The manners my mom taught me say... absolutely, but on the other hand, a part of me wants to seek out great sites and link immediately. I Would appreciate your good/bad input.

A: My imput would be - who would complain about being linked to your site? Not just because it's one of the best resources on the web, but because exposure is what having a website is all about. Why don't you link, tell them you have linked, and that you will remove the link if they want you to. That way, you can do it as you find them, and only have to break the link if you have to. Some people are funny about stuff like this, but 'Bead Fairies' has a good reputation, and really, it could only help someone. Isn't it the point to have people visit other sites? Personally, I wouldn't mind, and in a little while, I'll send you my site info, as soon as it is up. I haven't heard of too many people NOT wanting a link. I'd just go ahead and put the link up. Notify them afterward if you like; I don't and I've never had a complaint. All that checking and E-mailing will waste a lot of your time and we all know that none of us have any to waste... Good question. The web is PUBLIC (boy is it ever!), and while it isn't correct to simply copy items from a site and place them on yours, implying that you created the image/words, etc., it IS appropriate to link from your page to another. The author of the site then gets the credit (and has the responsibility). It is not NECESSARY to ask for permission since the individual is already published publicly, however, it would be a polite gesture, and couldn't we all stand more polite gestures? Actually, for the old-timers it would be considered proper to ask first, but in todays web, you could link, then let the person know about it. This gives them the option to ask you to remove it if they wish. There are occasions when you would not want your site linked to certain sites. If there is something questionable about the site, there might be a reason. People might think you endorse whatever their philosphy is.