Bead Jewelry Display Cases.

Q: I am preparing to display my earrings, amulet/medicine bags, and chokers (all seed bead weavings) in a craft mall, and would like to find a medium size glass display case. It would need to be able to hold at least 10 pairs of earrings, 5 amulet bags, and 3 or 4 chokers, and be able to be displayed on a counter or table. I am in Northeastern Oregon, but do have access to Portland if need be, or will mail order if I can get a good catalog. Please let me know if anyone knows of a good display case supplier.

A: I have only ordered from 'Fetpak'. I know 'Rio Grande' is a VERY reputable dealer. I got all three from the 'Lapidary Journal's' buyer's guide. Also, at the risk of bringing the "Wrath of the Crankies" upon myself again...I do have a list of supply and packaging sources. No connection with them, nothing to sell to you, not gonna spam you, blah, blah, blah. I have 2 left for sale. They are very plain wood and glass, with hinges and locks. They are about 4 inches deep, and the other dimensions are: 20 by 18. They are nice for hanging up, or putting on a table, just staple or velcro fabrics to the back, and they are really nice little cases. Oh, they also have a place for a little pad lock. I had 20 of them for sale, I am down to 2! They are $38.00 plus shipping. 'Hurricane Craft'