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Beads In The 'Star Wars' Movie.

Q: I am not a big Star Wars fan, so I probably won't see the movie until it hits the video stores, but the film clips on the TV spots are intriguing. The young female lead has many different headdresses and a couple have a lot of beads. So my question is, has anyone found close- ups of the beadwear in the movie? I would love to see some still pictures.

A: Well, I am going to see it tomorrow (would've seen it sooner but I had two finals and a 22 page paper due), so I'll be on the lookout. If I see anything, I'll let you know (but I don't know how I'd get the pictures to you). The April issue of Vogue (2 issues old now) had an article on the costuming, and a few pics of the princess, or whoever she is. Not real closeups, as they show the whole dress, but worth checking at your local library. I HAVE seen the movie and looked closely at the beads involved. The costumes are so elaborate that beads as jewelry seemed to be an afterthought. Only 2 of her many outfits have 'jewelry' that could be duplicated - both are are worn across the forehead. One is a simple string of what appears to be faceted black beads which is attached to the form-fitting headpiece she wears. The other is a mesh triangle of square rhinestones and chain. That's what I thought too. I noticed the same two pieces of jewelry, and I think a third, but I'm not sure how to describe it. There was one part when one of her headdresses had strings of beads coming down from the sides, just one strand on each side, around her temples. It's hard to explain, though. The pearl one was just white, in various shades. There was another one at 'Qui-Gon Jinn's' funeral, where her hair is wrapped in what looks like scarves at the sides with crisscrossing strands of beads wrapping it. The best is still the white outfit, though. Whoever made that beadwork sure got paid well! Wow.