Bead Stores, WA State.

Q: Can anyone recommend any bead stores or tell me about ANY from the Canadian border down TO Seattle, WA, but not IN Seattle?

A: I am not aware of any north of Seattle (I am counting the 'burbs) that will not require you to take a ferry. Since you are venturing south, why not add another hour to the trip and come to Olympia? I live outside of Seattle, and have never been to a store N. of Seattle, but in 'Bead and Button' magazine, there is an ad for a Bellingham bead store. I have never been there, so I can't say what it is like, but it is: 'Bead Bazaar' 1001 Harris Ave 360-671-5655 If you want to go to the Seattle area, I think the best store is 'Beads and Beyond' in Bellevue, or if you want to go a little further, go to Olympia, there is a 'Shipwreck Beads' there (you didn't say where you live, but it sounds like quite a way from Seattle). I have been once, and it is incredible. I spent a long time in their huge warehouse-sized store, and probably didn't see it all. I did see a bead store in La Conner I think, but that was 2 yrs ago, so I'm not sure. There is a bead store in Stanwood on main street. There are several bead stores in Bellingham (one terrific one down by Terrapin station) E-mail me privately for details.