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Blinded by the Bead

Q: I bought a very pricey magnification light with excellent optics. Never did get the hang of working with it though :) I now only use it for checking my work when I am finished. I have found that a high intensity lamp works best for me. I seem to just need my work lit up like NYC, no necessarily magnified.

A: I haven`t received mine either. I always wonder if the post office is messing up my magazines. The U.S. postal system is really pretty good in getting everybody's mail around considering the volume of mail through the system each day. I don't know about Canada's. I guess I am just anxious for the magazine to arrive so I can drool over them and start a new project. I've used my sister-in-law's lamp/magnifier. It is a good one with a large magnifier as opposed to the others with not so large magnifiers. Yes, they are GREAT! and I intend to purchase one myself, however since it is not your normal eyesight you're using, you still have to refocus on something else every so often. It sure beats squinting and struggling to see those tiny holes. So if you get one, spring for the bigger one since (at our age) every little bit more helps.