Bracelet Metal Cuff Blanks.

Q: Does anyone know where I can get inexpensive metal bracelet blanks.

A: I have a very old 'Eastern Findings' company catalog. They are in there. They advertise in 'B&B', and 'Beadwork' all the time. If they have an 800 number, call and ask first whether or not they still carry them. My store ('Metalliferous' - in NYC - 888-944-0909) sells bracelet blanks in copper and stainless steel from 1/4" through 2" wide. We will be closed until Jan. 2, but E-mail me and I will provide you with more details. Cindy Tipton of Cindy's Crafts carries the inexpensive blanks in two widths. You can E-mail her at If you aren't already on her sales mailing list, you may want to join it - her scratch and dent sales are fantastic! How sturdy are those? I was playing around with some...aluminum ones that came with craft lace...and would like something a lot stronger.