Christian symbols and necklaces

Q: I am trying to find Christian symbols that can be used in necklaces. Any ideas?

A: Are you looking for sources or simply ideas for symbols? The latter I can give. Cross, fish, chalice, lamb, grapes, angel, manger, star, loaf, shepherd's crook, arc, alpha/omega, dove, church building, empty tomb, Bible, mustard seed, harp, praying hands, palm branches, donkey, lily, and crown of thorns. I'm sure there are more. Lamb? Do you know of a source for lamb beads? Lamb castings? Please email me the name of the source! Lambs are my favorite animals and I've been looking for beads and/or castings of them. The closest thing I've seen is a ram casting. Just wanted to follow up on this for those who are interested. Pacific Silver's stuff is SO nice that I sold a necklace with detachable crucifix and detachable angel at church this morning. I just made it last night and it's gone already.