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Coin Beads.

Q: I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm looking for some coin beads (well I don't really know if you would call them beads) they are the kind of thing which belly dancers use on their costumes. I'm going to make the 'Suzanne Cooper' slot machine amulet, but before I start I want to find the coins which hang on the fringe.

A: Try 'Shipwreck Beads'. I do believe they have them in a few sizes in the catalog and they may also have them online. It was in her last book. She had it as a kit - but the kits are sold out - you can see picture at You can buy the book with the pattern in her book: "DIMENSIONS" at You can get coin beads from "Creative Beadcraft" in the U.K. They come in three sizes in silver or gold colour, and cost between £3.95 and £2.70, depending on size. I have been using 'Creative Beadcraft' for over 20 years and they are reliable and very reasonably priced. Their mail-order catalogue is great! The address is: 'Denmark Works' Beamond End Amersham Bucks HP7 ORX Tel 01494 715606 Great to hear of a fellow U.K. beader!