Delicas, Antiques

Q: I have been under the impression that delicas and antiques, specifically the ones sold through General Bead are the same only different colors. So recently I bought some antiques from a local bead shop, along with antique Bugle Beads. The Bugle beads are gorgeous, in fact if anybody knows of a wholesale source I would appreciate getting an address. I have not seen them listed in my listing from general bead. Anyway, the seed beads were terrible. They were definitely not consistent in size from one bead to the next. I thought that was the great thing about delicas, their consistency in size. The seed beads are also wider across than the matching bugle beed, which made it quite difficult to use together in weaving a bag. Has anyone else found the same thing to be true? I am really frustrated. My next step is going to try using them in a peyote stitch bag, or in combination of twisted bugle bead/seed bead necklace.

A: There are 2 kinds of cylinder beads both made from Japan 1. Antiques by "Toho" from Japan. They are very high quality and consistent in size. 2. Delicas by "Miyuki" These are not to be confused with other Japanese rounds and bugles which are high in quality but not quite the caliber of the Toho's or Miyuki. Mill Hill (brand name) has lovely Japanese seed beads which they distribute and package. But they are not cylinder beads. Just did my first bag with Delicas. I had trouble deciding whether they were worth the price until I got some and worked with them. Now I think they are but still say you can do some really nice things with the cheapest of seed beads. To answer the second question.. I have done bags in lots of different sizes. Actually, multiples of twelve, especially 24, are excellent for doing all over type designs as they are divisible by 2,3,4,6,8,12 and 24. The last bag I did (I call it a mini) was 34 beads to a row -- I did it around a medicine vial. I'm in the Chicago area where there is a fairly large group using delicas. I've made large 160 beads amulet bags that become almost architecturally shaped. I've fitted the inside of the bag with a solid support so it takes on a square shape. The flap is really a lid shaped like a pyramid that comes on and off. The bag is made from matte black delicas in a 2 drop with 3mm black crystals used in the peyote stitch.