Q: Has anyone on the list ever used drop beads in an necklace design? They are teardrop-shaped glass or stone that has been drilled from top to bottom.

A: You could always try this. String beads with the drops attached on very light wire and hanging between the beads. I have seen necklaces with the drops but they usually have other large beads in addition to the drops. I also remember in the book BEADWORK by Jules & Kaethe Kliot (Lacis publication) the yused drops and seed beads but the drops are threaded kind of like tassels. I have used drops in necklaces strung onto the thread. Usually I use them in repeating "motifs" (or designs) of maybe 5 beads and the drops go on the ends with the fat part in towards the center to taper the motif out. The connectors may be seedbeads or pieces of chain. This isn't related to necklaces, but I use teardrops for hairwrap additions. They work very nicely with the ones that are drilled top-to-bottom. Speaking of drops - I'm wondering if anyone knows if you can get drop shaped pearls, cultured or real, that are drilled top to bottom. I want to make a pearl necklace for a friend that is getting married and pearls are the way to go. I've not seen the real ones in any of the bead catalogs I have and I'm not really sure the shape comes in the real pearls. I only need one.