'Fire Mountain' Slam.

Q: I privately asked the lady who listed her 'FMG' story, who these people were that had been hurt by 'FMG' so that we could make amends. She responded that I could read the board and find out for myself. I went back and read the board, and other than her story, there weren't any other listings which talked about 'Fire Mountain' in a negative manner. I thanked her for her input.

A: I assume you are from 'Fire Mountain', and haven't been keeping up on the boards recently, so haven't followed any of this... but just wanted to let you know that I've had nothing but good experiences with 'Fire Mountain'. Only once, was I unpleased with an order - I had ordered a set of freeform turquoise cabs, and the cabs sent were of stunning quality, but still ovals. When I returned them, I was treated pleasantly and politely. I also looked through all the postings I get to try to get the whole story on this, and could not find it, but it seems like sometimes people make references to posts that I don't get. Sometime ago, someone mentioned that different servers handle news groups/ bulletin boards differently and filter some posts out. If this is true, it could make coherrent discussions of a subject harder to conduct. Regardless of all that, I really want to thank 'Chris Freedman' for responding, and hope any individuals with complaints or concerns contact her and work through any problems. Since the internet allows us to communicate so quickly with each other, wouldn't it be wonderful if we would allow it to help us to get along better, understand each other better, and work out our differences instead of creating more barriers?? As you know, we go way back, to when you made the move from LA to 'Cave Junction'...and if you ever move again, I'll find you again. In all my years of working with you guys, I have had excellent treatment, and when a mistake was made, it was in my favor, in the form of ordering sterling silver wrap mountings, and getting 14K gold wrap mountings...bunches of them. I sent them back, cuz I play fair, and so do you, that's why I do business with you. Hey, check out the 'Lapidary Journal' Workshops, my 'Horn-A-Plenty' crocheted in fine silver is the November project, filled with veggi beads. I heard it was in color, but I haven't seen it yet. Now, if you guys carried 28, and 30 gauge fine silver wire, I would be thrilled! As an afterthought, 'Manda' was working fundraising for the missing child foundation she works for, and she actually found a missing child, a 5 yr old endangered non-custodial abduction. I know you have made space for the missing child project for the past 2 years, and want you to know it is so great, and kids are found by pictures published.