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Glass Bead Sources.

Q: I use alot of glass beads. Not so much seed beads, but larger ones. I am looking for a good source for these. I know of 'Fire Mountain Gems', 'Shipwrecked', and 'Ecletic Etc'. Can you give me some good sources for companies with lots of cool glass beads? Also, I am looking for a source for a bead I use a lot. It's a trianglular shape that is kind of like lampwork. It is Flat in the sense that a disc is flat. They are about 10-12mm long on the sides. Does anyone have, or has anyone seen, anything like this out there?

A: Try 'Priceless International': There's lots of interesting glass there. Also, 'Purple Finch Beads' often carries unusual glass pieces: Try the furnace glass makers for this - I know 'Bergamini Beads' makes beads in this shape, mostly solid colors, but some stripes. These are about 3 mm thick and anywhere from 10-20 mm on a edge. They do not have a website, but the phone # is: 802-824-4000, in Weston VT. Unfortunately, they only do wholesale these days - minimum order is a pound - about $150, depending on what kind of beads you choose. You might also look for 'David Christensen' - he exhibits at various shows, although I am not sure which ones, except for usually at the 'Beaddesigner Intl' show in Watertown MA.