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Help... Need Beads.

Q: I am in search of some beads, here's the description: drk red the lot number is H0144B, 'Rocailles' czech beads, does anyone know where I can order these by the 1/2 or whole kilo?

A: Try 'General Bead' - They will probably call the silver lined - and may list as having a square hole, but they are a very popular color. I actually found them in Japanese 11's recently... *grin* (not here). Try my site, too - I have lots of Czech seedbeads, including dark red silverlined. They're under the size 10/0 section, but I have them in size 8/0 and 6/0 as well. Here's the site: Check out, they sell glass bead bracelets. There's a really pretty red one that you might want to buy and break apart to use - it's worth it.