Knot For Attaching 'Nymo' To 'Softflex'?

Q: I am making a necklace that consists of large turquoise beads strung on 'Softflex'. I am planning on placing seed beeds around some of the turquoise beads using 'Nymo'. I guess I'm going to place the knot right on the 'Softflex' unless I come up with a better idea. Can anybody recommend a specific type of knot for this? I've never done this but I've seen similar works with this type of technique. Also, should I use some type of knot glue and if so what kind - is nail polish okay, or should I use some type of fancy glue? I have only used 'Softflex' to this point, so my knowledge of thread and glue is minimal.

A: I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you mean you're going to string seed beads between the turquoise, or making sort of a seed bead cage around the turquoise? 'B&B' had an article about a necklace done like this - main strand on 'Softflex', embellished with beads on 'Nymo'. That necklace was all glass, but the technique should be the same. It was way back in #18, April '97. I'm going to string all the turquoise beads together and then I will randomly place a stand of seed beads from the base of a turq. bead to the top of the turq. bead. I am probably overly concerned with technique and just need to try some knots and see what happens, but that's the way I frequently am. I don't think you want to knot 'Nymo' on the 'Softflex'. It will slip and slide and show. No matter what knot you use, it will be a point of weakness. You need to attach the 'Nymo' in the bead tip where you bury the crimp bead of the 'Softflex' and then run the 'Nymo' invisibly through the turquoise beads and come out where you want to do the seed bead embellishments wrapped around the turquoise beads. If you'll do more than one row of seed beads, attach all threads inside the bead tip securely at the same time. First off, I would strongly suggest that you do not combine 'Nymo' with 'Softflex'. 'Nymo' is really a very weak thread. I say that in my opinion, and with my experience in using the thread myself. When combining 'Softflex' Tm wire, which I happen to think is the best of the wires on the market, I have used it with a stronger thread. 'Silimade', or an upholstery thread would work better than Nymo. If you visit my website, you will see a photo on my bio page of me, and I am wearing a fringed headpiece, and the part that goes around my forehead is made with 'Softflex' wire for strength, and the fringe is done with upholstery thread for flexibility. I also use the upholstery thread with off-loom methods as well. I suggest visiting some local upholstery shops in your area, and check out what threads they have. I have found mine to be very similar to being flat, ribbon like, similar to dental floss, or a heavier 'Nymo' style.