Q: Is there anyone out there who could make a pair of 'Gumby's' for earrings and a larger one for a pendant in time for me to have them by the 22nd of this month?

A: I just saw beads at one of the auctions that looked exactly like 'Gumby's', but I don't remember which auction it was - probably Amazon, either in beads or in Z-shop. I asked one of our local lampwork artists about the 'Gumby' earrings and pendant. She told me that she felt that 'Gumby' was a protected trademark and she wouldn't reproduce it. You might find something that looks a bit like 'Gumby', but it's not the real thing. I'll just make some 'Gumby's' myself with polymer clay. It's not like I'm gonna mass market them. I guess for the person with the question about whether people make money in beads, apparently lampworkers make so much money, they don't wanna take on any extra... at least that's the feeling I get, since I received no replies. You asked at the worst time and you wanted quickly something very different than most would normally make. Between regular jobs, family, the holiday season preps, and previous lampwork commitments, the ones I know wouldn't have the time and the creative energy for a one-time shot at something this different. Most need plenty of time to think their ideas through and time always seems to be in short supply around this time of the year. I think you will be happier with 'Gumby' made out of polymer clay by yourself, than you would be with something made out of glass by another who is not seeing your idea. I thought you got several good responses... if you didn't see them all, you might check I mentioned the legal/ethical point of view which has been discussed here quite frequently. The time frame of your request was also way too late (10 days before Christmas) for anyone to come up with something, especially at this time of year. I'm sure that producing a 'Femo Gumby' yourself would be, as was suggested in another posting, a much better idea, and since it wasn't "sold", you are in the a grey area of legal ethics regarding patent/trademark protection/infringement.