Lessons In San Diego?

Q: I've taken some classes here in SD at several places, but there are none on wire work that I've found going on after the first of the year. A good friend and fellow bead addict wants to send me to a class as a 'Kissmas Pressie'.

A: 'Shepherdess' has had wire work classes in the past; you could call and ask if they'll be having any more ('Lynn Merchant' was one of the instructors...). Also, 'Oksadusa' may have something....... In North County - 'Del Mar', I think. Fairly close to the Fairgrounds. I've only been there once - I stopped in after picking up stuff after the fair. It's a nice, "cozy" little shop, and the lessons sound great, both in their brochure and from what participants have said. Unfortunately, my full-time-Mom job schedule isn't compatible with their class schedule and necessary driving time for me (class times are why I don't attend Marcie's classes, too). The meeting was tonight, in a church next to Clairemont Square. I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend, but I'll stop by if I can. Thanks for the info. No, I haven't really been doing 'Poly Clay' - my attempts look like 'PlayDoh!', and aren't they meeting up in North County? I am active in 'BSSDC', though....in fact, we have a meeting this Saturday, at 'Mingei Museum' at 10 AM, if you're interested. No formal program this month - there's going to be a "Bead-in" and swap instead. January's meeting will feature a lecture by Robert Liu on identifying "fakes" in the bead world. 'Judith M'(something) will be teaching a wire & bead basket making class in February. 'Marcie' (from 'Shepherdess') is probably going to teach a class in May. I'm not sure what'll be going on during the other months.