Necklace For Eight Year Girl.

Q: I have been lurking for some time and have found this newgroup full of information. Being relatively new to beading, I would like to know how long a daisy chain necklace and a daisy chain bracelet should be for an eight year old child. I am also concerned how to make the necklace safe for her to wear. This is to be a gift, and I certainly don't want to endanger her in any way.

A: I think it would be best to make the necklace the same length you would make a short necklace for an adult - maybe so that if falls below your collar bones? That way, it would be short enough that she wouldn't be likely to get it caugth in things, but long enough that she could wear it when she is older (perhaps high school age - beaded things tend to come back in style on a regular basis among teens). The bracelet is a bit harder - you'd almost have to measure her wrist to know for sure. If you can measure her wrist, fine. If not, measure another child about the same size. My guess would be that it will be around 6 to 6.5 inches. If you use a button and a bead loop fastener, it will be easy to put on and take off. The necklace should be about 18 inches, and I suspect the clasp will come off, or the thread will break before she can be harmed. You can drape a necklace of yours around a similar sized child to see what looks good to your eye. I'd make the bracelet about 5 inches because my own wrist is 6-6.5 inches, so unless the girl is large for her age, 5 inches would be good. The necklace can be 18 inches for a slightly long necklace, but I suspect that an 8 yr old's neck would only be about 10-11 inches around. 14 inches would be good, and can be worn as a choker later on.