Need Expert Info On 'Vaseline Trade Beads'.

Q: Could someone help me with the history on 'Vaseline Trade Beads'? Specifically, where and when were they made? How were they made? I have some beautiful strands in three colors; yellow, green and greasy pale green, and want to be correct on the history I pass on to our customers.

A: I'm no expert, but I do collect trade beads. 'Vaseline' beads are Bohemian, and are press molded, and then have the facets ground on. They date from 1830 to 1900. If you plan to sell trade or other ancient beads, I would strongly suggest investing in the following books: "The History of Beads" by 'Lois Sherr Dubin', "A Universal Aesthetic: Collectible Beads" by 'Robert K. Liu', and "Beads of the World" by 'Peter Francis, Jr.' They are all fascinating and enjoyable, and packed with useful information. A few years ago, I stopped in and visited with a fellow that sold beads: 'Cochoran Crafts' in Lancaster PA. He had a lot of trade beads, and I think a lot of background on bead history. I don't have a phone, but I recall finding him in the 'Lapidary Journals' bead annual. Check with 'The Bead Museum' in Glendale Arizona. They would know the answers. They are also one the web.