Nymo Beading Thread.

Q: Can someone help me? I am beading bracelets on a loom, using 'Delicas' 11/o, and 'Size D' 'Nymo' thread. The 'Nymo' thread comes from two sources. (1) a large spool, 3 ounces (2) a small spool. The finished bracelet has a "nice hand" when I use the smaller spool. While the finished bracelet is "stiff" when I use the large spool, there is a difference between the texture of the threads. I know they are the same 'size D'. Is this normal?

A: The 'Nymo' on cone, and 'Nymo' on bobbin is a different thread. One is designed for the top thread of a sewing machine (cone), and the other is for the bottom thread (bobbin). Actually, it's more the "finished" that is applied to the thread. The cone is stronger, therefore stiffer. I can break the bobbin thread with my hands, but not the cone thread. Now that y'all mention it, I have noticed a difference at the OOO size, too. I wonder why I haven't heard this before; for working with the "itty bitty" beads, I definitely prefer the cones. I'm gonna have to see if some of my buddies are aware of this! I took a class from 'Diane Fitzgerald' and she told us the cone thread is stronger than the bobbin thread. She recommends you use a single thread when using the cone, and double your thread when using the bobbin.