Remove Tarnish Without Harming Beads.

Q: 1. When cleaning something like a rosary, how do you remove silver tarnish without stripping the 'AB' finish from glass beads or harming the beads in any other manner? 2. If I wish to use something other than silver wire, what should I use? Do the more common crafting wires like tinned copper discolor? What if they come in contact with water?

A: 'Rio Grande's' catalog had something re: running strings of "liquid silver" through a handful of baking soda to remove tarnish. Maybe that would work for wire, too. I don't know if it would strip the 'AB' finish, but maybe try rubbing a similar bead with the baking soda (dry). The more common crafting wires like tinned copper discolor? 'Niobium', Gold-filled, 14k gold shouldn't discolor, but the first two can be chipped to expose the base (unanodized niovium, base metal in 'GF'). Crafting wires can likewise lose their protective "non-tarnishing" coatings. You could rub the silver pieces with a rouge cloth (try not to get it on the beads, especially turquoise and other porous stones). I've had craft wires discolor with age. If you like your silver to stay bright, you could use fine (.999) silver - it resists tarnish.