San Jose, CA - Looking For A Bead Buddy.

Q: My name is 'Lori Peterson', and I have been beading for about 2 years now, and would love to find someone who understands my obsession with beads. My hubby and friends think I'm slightly nuts, so I would love someone to share my excitement when the local bead store gets a new color in or when I finally get the fringe right on my latest work-in-progress. I am also looking for someone with whom I could combine mail-orders with in order to avoid the dreaded "surcharge for small order".

A: Wow! Only slightly nuts! Stick around us a bit and we'll get that worked up to "Full Scale Completely Wacko". We will teach you everything you need to know such as how to hide money to buy more beads, how to sneak in more and more trips to the bead stores, you know, all the important stuff. You want bead friends, this is the place. We need those beads, and we love to share our bead work and to see yours!! Heck, I get the shakes if I am away too long from those colorful little beads!! I've got to get back to them and make something colorful and different! Not to mention how to "get even" for some aggravation or forgotten event, etc. from the spouse by treating yourself to a trip to the local bead store!!! It works for me, and is a great stress reliever. I especially enjoyed the time my spouse forgot my birthday! Ah, the value of plastic!!!!!