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Santa Fe Beads.

Q: We will be going to Santa Fe next month. Could anyone advise on best beads stores there?

A: When you check into your hotel, ask about the flea market in Santa Fe that's open on Saturdays. Lots of beads there! Let's see now... I know of at least five: 1. There is 'Beadweaver' on the Paseo de Paralta (tons of 'Delicas' - probably 500 colors).. 2. 'Winona's' is on the main drag into town and has tons of seed beads - lots of 11s, 12s, 13s, and 3-cuts. She's wonderful to talk to, as well. 3. 'Sioux Trading Post' is also on the main drag into town and is within walking distance of 'Winona's'. Lots and lots of seed-beads. 4. 'Beauty and the Beads' is in town, and has a variety of beads. There is another one that is right off the square. I can't think of the name of it, but it's my favorite. Tons of beads including seed beads, cuts and a little of everything else. I'm not sure if you already mentioned this one, because I don't know its name, and I moved from SF about two and a half years ago...seems like I did talk to a pal lately who reaffirmed that it was still there. Unbelievable selection, I used to spend a small fortune in this store-has been there for many years...dark, not much help, but tremendous amount of beads. It's on the corner of Washington and Marcy streets on the East side of the Plaza, about a block away walking. I was in Santa Fe 3 years ago, and visited 'Beadweaver' and loved their beads. I ordered from Jennifer after that, but not lately. I know she was working on another pattern book. Could you tell me if you know why they went out of business or if Jen is still in town? I'm going again for Indian Market and I was going to try to meet her for lunch. Although I've talked to her many times on the phone, I've never actually met her.