'Shipwreck Beads'?

Q: Has anyone ordered from this company? I'd like to hear of your experience before I go ahead and place my order.

A: Their prices are so good; I just got a huge order from them a few days ago, and it's amazing to me to see so many beautiful beads for such a great price. About the shipping: if you order $50 worth, shipping on the first 10 lbs is free. I've never had to pay for my shipping. I live in Seattle, and the drive to shipwreck isn't a long one. I have only been to their old store, not the one they just moved into, but the selection is stunning and I truly believe they are one of the largest bead stores I have ever seen. Every shade, every hue, and almost every shape you can think of is there. Wall to wall, ceiling beads. I or my wife wouldn't hesitate to order from them, but the drive is a nice one, so we will just have to make another trip to Olympia to see the new store. 'Shipwrecks' new store is well worth the trip, even from Portland. I have never seen so many beads in one place, outside of a show. The people are nice, and the prices are good. I have not mail-ordered from them either, but I would assume that their mail order staff is as efficient as the floor staff. I've only been there once, and never ordered from them, but they were pleasant to deal with, and my knees almost went weak between the walls of strung Czech-pressed glass beads. 'Shipwreck Beads' is a great place. The staff there is very helpful. Depending on what you want, you might give them a lot of leeway in picking out your beads. I have called to say "I want some seed bead (insert size) to make flowers. Can you send me X number of hanks in various reds/yellows/purples you think would look good, and X number of hanks in various shades of green? Also, 'Shipwreck Beads' often has large hanks of mixed beads. When they are on special (maybe $25/kilo), check the prices when you call. I've asked for a hank of predominate blues, greens, or earthtones. This way, you get a variety of fun beads at a good price. They have these mixes for both larger beads, as well as seed beads. The mixed seed beads make great stringing material if you have just one main bead, or pendant you want to show off. Obviously, this is a bit more risky than ordering something specific, but the mixed bead hanks aren't in the catalog, since they change all the time, but I love them!