Swarovski Crystal?

Q: I was thinking of some masculine colored beads, some chain, and I saw in 'Fire Mountain' some round, 8 mm 'Swarovski' crystals! Would these crystals throw a rainbow? If not, what is the name of something that would throw a rainbow like a prism? I'd like to make my cousin something so he would always have rainbows!

A: 'Swarovski' crystals will indeed make rainbows - many beautiful ones, and they are available in many "masculine" colors. They are a high quality lead crystal, and should make a gorgeous sun-catcher. :) Please make it "child proof", that is, where no parts can break off! Also, no sharp bits. I also have a son who is 'DH', and he like to put things in his mouth! I now have to re-do a nice piece of beadwork after he got a hold of it! I had dinner at a friend's parents' house on Monday, and I was staring up at the crystal chandelier so long that his mom asked what I was thinking. I said "Think of all the jewelry I could make with those!" You can get 'Swarovski' chandelier drops in several shapes/sizes - 'General Bead' has them in their catalog. Also, check scientific supply places - you can usually get prisms intended for "light" experiments and such (cheaper than the 'Swarovski' ones!) - maybe wire wrap one of these, or glue on some sort of bail to hang it by.