'Swavroski' Crystal.

Q: Has anyone seen round faceted crystal at the 3 mm size? The smallest crystal I can find is 4mm at 'Gemorama'... but the 'Swavorsky' is in quotes, so I don't know if it's real.

A: Have you tried 'Purple Finch'? If they don't have them, they may be able to tell you who does. http://www.conknet.com/~m_bunis/pfinch/PFhome.htm And I would assume 'Gem-o-rama's' are 'Swarovski' - they tend to use quotes like that a lot - I think they are one of the places where English is not their first language! I have never had anything from them that was not what it was advertised as. 'General Bead' lists 3mm #5000 shape as an available size in their online catalog, but they don't seem to be in-stock. Perhaps you could special order them. Here's the page where the #5000 'Swarovski' crystals are listed: http://www.genbead.com/cry5000.htm The August 'Rio Grande Gems & Findings' catalog has 'Swarovski' 3mm round and diamond shaped on pages 224-225, and Czech fire polish on page 242, I'd call those oval. http://www.riogrande.com/