The Dress!

Q: Could you possibly shorten it at the waist? is there any way you could take up a tuck in the plain part of the skirt and cover it with some beading or braid or what have you? do you have a professional near you who does wedding gowns, etc. and who could alter the dress for you (IME, most bridal hire places ALWAYS have such a person on staff)?

A: Buy it. You'll hate yourself for years if you don't. Things like beaded hemlines can be written down & diagrammed so that you can shorten it later. Who knows, you may just have a date. Owning that dress may help spur you on with your workout program. I am a very frugal person 99% of the time, but there are certain things I wanted a long time ago that I didn't get & I really regret a few of them. So is there an empire seam under the bra ? You can definitely take it up at that point if there is. And the dress would get bigger when you did this. Please give a construction description for this dress so we can give better suggestions. A seamstress would know how to describe it exactly based on its construction. Is it like a sundress with two bra sections, thin straps and a slightly flaring A line skirt below the bra sections?