Thin Stretchy-Elastic String Needed.

Q: I am fairly new to beading and I would like to make some of the bracelets that are very popular now - they are single strands of seed beads, worn many at a time (as seen on 'Claire Danes' in "Brokedown Palace" and in the Sept. 'In-Style'). I've ordered some beautiful size 15 hex-cut beads, but I am desperately seeking elastic-type string to string these on. I don't want the bracelets to have clasps - I'd rather be able to stretch them out to slide over my hand & have them shrink back to shape for a reasonably snug fit. The stretchy thread I have been using up to this point has worked with size 12 beads w/ a big-eye needle, but it is too thick for size 15.

A: Have you considered using memory wire? It will fit quite snugly without a clasp, and a long piece will wrap around several times to give the look of more than one strand. Rings and Things carries the memory wire in several sizes - ring, bracelet, and necklace. I suspect the wire will also last longer than an elastic product. I can't imagine memory wire or elastic for that matter going through size 15 beads. I think you are best off trying a sewing store to see what they sell in the thread department? What you are looking for is Elastic Bracelet Cord. It is 1 mm in diameter and will go through Japanese 11s with the regular large holes. Fire mountain sells it in gold and black and gold. 800423-2319 Rio Grande sells it in black and they have no minimum order 0.045 inches which is the same as 1 mm. They have $18.28 a spool. Actually Shipwreck has the same thing, but smaller than 1 mm. They carry 1mm. .5mm and .08mm. the .08mm is small enough to go through an 11-0 bead, I have not tried anything smaller. We stock the 0.8mm and 1.0mm sizes on 100 meter spools. The 0.5mm thickness is also available, but it's VERY thin and we thought it might be too think to be useful. If necessary, though, I can get it.